Thursday, September 03, 2009

Three boxes came to my door today.

From two updates, because I absolutely love paying more shipping. Look, it's WOLLMEISE.

That's my collection until 11:15 tomorrow morning, when three more will be delivered. From left to right: Birkenrinde, Roter Himbeermund, Sonne, Wasabi, Hortensie, Versuchskaninchen I, Petit Poison No. 5 Dark

I love them like they're puppies. Someone is interested in trading for my Wasabi, but now that I've taken it out in the sunlight, I'm not sure I can let it go. All of these colors grow on me even more the more I look at them. I think Sonne might be my favorite of the ones I had today (V1 was previously the only member of my collection). 3 more will be delivered tomorrow, and then I kinda sorta bought 5 today. There were two updates, it couldn't be helped. I think there may still be more coming - I can only imagine what Sheri at The Loopy Ewe is saving. And at some point, she has to run out of Safran and Birkenrinde, the colors that are always the last to go. If I miss an update Saturday while I'm at knitting... that's probably for the best. Unless they've been saving some Pfauenauge or Sultan. Then I'll just have to cry.

I finished and stuffed my pillow! I'll take pics tomorrow. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to submit it to the fair. Got a good bit of Kureyon out of my stash, too. You know, make room for the Wollmeise that's invading.

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