Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yay, purchasing!

I'm going to be ordering 2 balls of Kureyon from someone on Ravelry. Which makes me all nervous, since I've never really done business with anyone online other than eBay or e-stores, but it's one of those things I have to suck it up and do some day. And I am so very in love with this yarn. Even if it does go from sewing thread to climbing rope in a matter of inches. I just wish I had made the scarf half the width - I wouldn't need to buy any yarn at all. But I'd have to change balls more so the colors would be more different.

I learned spit splicing for this project, which is awesome and hilarious. And it works really well.

I'll be hearing back from the job I really want tomorrow. And if that falls through, the LYS may be hiring. There was a sign in the window, but the owner wouldn't give me a real answer about if they actually were. Bad sign and all but seriously, working in a yarn store? Match made in Heaven. And if I got a discount, they wouldn't even have to give me a paycheck. I'd just grab a few balls of Regia Silk on my way out.

I have my last meeting of Library Knitters on Saturday, which bums me out. That's my one bit of regular socialization at home, and the only knitting group that's easy for me to get to. Why would a library not be open weekends in Summer?!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm sorry... WHAT?

So I'm making a Lady Eleanor Stole with Kureyon, and I'm on the last ball and know I want two more. The closest yarn store doesn't carry it, so I started looking around online. Found a place with the two colors I wanted to order, and they were even on sale for $4.35 or something like that. Awwwwwwesome. And then I go to checkout, and discover that my order will be cancelled unless I bring it up to $25, pre-tax and pre-shipping.


What. The. Fuck.

For me, the only time I buy yarn online is usually to finish off a project with something that I didn't buy locally or can't find. So not really any huge orders. So there'd really be no way I could even buy from them without forcing myself to buy so much more than I actually wanted. Wonderful.

The stole, however, is absolutely beautiful. It's actually a scarf - I cut the pattern in half. I should have cut it again, though, because it's really twice as wide as my usual scarves. Which annoys me to no end, but I was fearful - my first entrelac, even. So when I inevitably make another one (Christmas present, perhaps) or five, I'll just do it that way. And I'm so in love with the technique that I already have mental plans for a red, black, and white felted clutch. Like I use clutches, could stand constantly holding something, or have the patience to felt a swatch. But still.

Finished two pairs of socks since I got home, and had requests for socks and a Dr. Who scarf. Not sure when/if I'll follow through on either. My aunt wants the socks, which are a carbon copy of one I just made for myself. I might just give her these - or at least, I would, if I had joined the yarn a little less sloppily on the first sock. I make so many socks that I can't even get them in my sock drawer anymore. But yet I'm constantly planning more. I am not a person of moderation when it comes to knitting, I guess. Well, I don't have the sort of insane monster stash that some of my group mates have, but at least with socks, I just keep making them. I always make them for me because I have a hard time feeling like anyone i might make them for would actually appreciate them or care for them the right way. I just found a group on Ravelry called "Selfish Knitters," which is a tongue in cheek name, for a group of those of us who have been burned by too many people thinking it's totally ok to ask someone to dedicate so much time and money to doing them a favor. Which reminds me, I better get started on that 22 foot garter stitch scarf. Yeah, right.