Saturday, August 27, 2005


I am really, really bad at seaming. Holy God.

Seaming up a penguin.....Badly....Pics to be posted eventually, if I remember to bring stuffing to school tomorrow. "Giant bag of Poly-Fil" is pretty low on the list of things I want to bring back on a bus from the mall with me. But I suppose I could try to dress it up like an obese child. Hmmm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ribbed For His Pleasure hat

It breaks my heart that my friend Ian has to walk all the way across campus every night just to entertain me (okay, and everyone else), so I told him I'd knit him anything he wanted. We came up with a dark green hat with all-over 2x2 ribbing. I still haven't gotten the hang of decreases on ribbing, but it looks pretty decent. Except most hat patterns I read said to knit for 7 inches before decreasing. It turned out a little long...

So, my quick solution? Just roll it up! I think it's still pretty fetching, though no pic because I can't get the blog/alignment to be equally attractive. ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

More with the Magic Stripes

Hi Jason.

My mom wanted some socks, so I let her pick the yarn. I suggested something from KnitPicks, like some nice Dancing or, she picks this. I warn her, it's not going to knit up as pretty as the ball is. Damn. I admit, they look much worse on the needles than they do on the feet. And she's happy, so that's what matters.

What I love about these is that I actually did one in a day. I worked on it during the wait/opening acts for the Backstreet Boys concert my aunt and I went to. So that just adds to my list of Amazing Places I've KIPped. But it took me forever to finish the second one. Just no ambition. Oh, and I haven't really been this productive today. I finished Muppet today, but these socks were done earlier.

Click to increase.

Pretty pink princess psocks

Hey, I needed continuity.

So, after feeling empowered by my Magic Stripes socks, I COed for some pretty pink socks for my best friend. It was a different gauge but I thought I knew enough that I could do it. And holy God, I did. I just followed basics and decided to make them a little shorter and have the leg entirely ribbed. Love it. Classic Elite Flash, Hot Tropic, a little over 2 hanks. Which sucks when you only bought 2 hanks. Of what is apparently the hardest yarn to find ever.

(click to enlarge)

The Muppet

(click to make it big)

That's what my friends Zach and Emily call this heinous mess of Fun Fur. KR members know it as the scarf that spawned my letter of betrayl to the yarn. I simply know it as that thing that was wasting a stitch holder and in the bottom of my bag. I finally couldn't take it anymore today and finished it.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005



I never thought when I started knitting in January and crying over purling in March that I'd be making socks. But oh God, it was so easy. I'm so happy. I used Lion Brand's Magic Stripes and the pattern on the back of the label. I'm so giddy. The second one went so much faster, too. And it looks better. So happy.

Giant pic

Thanks to all my KRers. I couldn't knit it without you.