Sunday, November 17, 2013

The more things change, the more they stay the same?

I haven't posted here in two years. I've thought about it. But it's not like anyone was reading it, or like I had much to offer beyond a longer Facebook status. Finally, I couldn't take the irony of my last posts being about being exhausted when managing work, school, and internship anymore, considering that's exactly my life once again. It's a lot better this time, though. The internship is actually worthwhile, and I'm actually learning things. Even better, I'm actually putting in the required hours, not just bullshitting my way through. I wish I had done things "right" the first time around for a better learning experience, but my heart was in case management and I couldn't see around it.

But what really brings me back here is my "destash my life" tag.

I'm living in a place with my boyfriend now, and it is absolutely unbelievable the amount of stuff I've gotten rid of, acquired, and gotten rid of again in the last two years because of it. I severely cut down my wardrobe, slowly built it back up, then go through periodic culls again. I'm sort of losing my mind over the amount of "stuff" we have. I want our place to be fun and have lots of personality, but it's a thin line between that and looking like a tornado hit an Applebee's. After visiting a much cleaner and neater friend, I've been spending so much time cleaning and organizing and donating and re-evaluating. I spent the entire day in my bedroom today, addressing organizational problems that have plagued me since we moved in this past February, making tough decisions like "do I need 5 short sleeved black shirts?" and, hardest of all, working on letting go of things I have sentimental attachment to. I think I could be a hoarder, really, I just happen fortunately to really like watching hoarding shows that inspire me to check myself.

So, without further wait, here's the list of everything I got rid of today:

Cleaned out the fridge and got rid of some spoiled food and something we were never going to drink 
A sweater I don’t wear 
3 tanks that don’t flatter 
Mascara I was given years ago 
A long sleeve shirt that was never “me” 
A t-shirt I’ve always been ambivalent about 
a polo shirt 
5 more shirts 
A pair of pj pants 
A coat I like and is sentimental, but is easily duplicated by a coat I like more 
10 pairs of tights/pantyhose (wtf, self) 
A bunch of little knitted pieces to a project that’ll never come to fruition 
Boyfriend’s tie he doesn’t like 
Cargo shorts 
Socks with a hole in them 
Some underwear I hate even if BF likes it :P 
2 boxes of glow in the dark stars that don’t glow in the dark 
A mateless trouser sock 
A envelope with a few ticket stubs and college mementos 
A pack of novelty snowman tissues 
A stuffed clownfish I knit 
A makeup brush 
The umpteenth black shirt I own 
A knitted sweater that fits terribly and isn’t worth reclaiming the yarn from 
2 commercial sweaters that’re just okay 
A scarf I knit years ago 
A shell that always falls off the hanger and off me 
A long sleeve shirt 
Mittens that are much too big 
A really misguided gift shirt from my MIL 
A box I made when I was 8 or something 
An old uniform shirt 
A bag I sewed a while ago that looks cool but needs repairs I’ll never get around to 
Some mementos from high school. I’m 27. 
A picture frame 
A hoodie I like but I never wear hoodies and I have another that fits better 
2 skirts I can let go of. I have so many skirts… and I wear the same ones all the time. 
Several pairs of knitted socks my dog ate and I will never salvage 
3 pairs of knitted socks I’ll just never wear