Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh God, you will be mine!

My friend and I are putting together a Knitpicks order, figuring between the two of us, we can spend $30. I think it's really more of way to get us to limit ourselves from each spending $30, as oh my God, I so could do on sock yarn alone. And then I found this.
I don't buy yarn that I've never seen or felt before, but DAMN YOU KELLY PETKUN for making me drool and yelp with glee at all of your yarns. Damn you from the bottom of my bank account.

On a more exciting note (not that glorious balls of Simple Stripes aren't exciting), HOLY CRAP:

This is truly a great moment in The History of Man. Or maybe just The History of Jenna's Knitting. But still, HOLY CRAP INTARSIA. I cried a little with glee. I love my spontaneous moments of motivation... especially when they actually lead to something other than rage. And yes, that's the glorious dorm room. Note the yarn box in the background. That was cleaned and organized during my motivational fit, too. That motivational fit involved winding some floppity hanks, which provided me with an important life lesson: Berrocco Quest is the devil. Of course, she's an alluring beast and I'll end up making something terribly regrettable out of her.

And, and!

It's a children's hat I made without a pattern for Afghans for Afghans. And I made a pom pom. Lacking any cardboard whatsoever for a pom pom maker, I folded over duct tape a bunch of times and cut accordingly. It worked....

I finished some cotton socks, too, and I have a delicious funnel top on the needles, but I seriously ran out of the three yarns I'm triplestranding 2 damned inches before the end of the piece. And since it's on 15s, 2 inches isn't many rows. There was a lot of rage. If you have any shade of pink Cascade 220 hanging around, even if it's just ten yards, let's talk. Current project? Mittens in Lamb's pride Aztec Turquoise and Periwinkle, switching colors every 2 rows. With some Berrocco Quest on the cuff... alluring devil.

Friday, September 16, 2005

OMFG it's a Ribby!

So I've left this poor thing sitting in my knitting bag or on my couch at home, almost done save for a quarter of a front panel, languishing on a stitch holder since mid-July. Finally, the day before Labor Day, it was time. I grabbed the piece, grabbed the needles, frogged as necessary, remembered how to interpet my pattern notes, and finished that damn panel. I sewed, even though I didn't think I'd be able to put on the sleeves without trauma, assistance, and holy mother of GOD, I had my first sweater. I picked up the stitches for the collar and brought the darn thing to my Russian culture class to work on before the class started and mostly for attention. I skipped throughout the halls smiling and telling people "I have a sweater!" Many compliments and squealing and people being proud of me has ensued. More importantly, I'm proud of myself and knitted a garment I actually want to wear (see: halter top of doom and indecency). Life is awesome.

Click to enlarge, per the usual.