Monday, April 17, 2006

It's a sweater!

Well, this was a learning experience. For instance, I learned:

*Sleeve cap shaping is not an option... if you like raising your arms.
*If you have your doubts about a yarn while it's in progress, chances are, you will when it's done.
*I have never owned a white sweater. Why did I think this would be any different?
*I need to give myself more credit. I designed a sweater!

So, without further ado, the sweater. It's done now, pending yarn end weaving, but there was only a row added to the neck after this was taken last night. It's resting on my lap like a kitty right now.

Oh, and that's no typo in the filename. Living in a college dorm and having mostly male friends, I took a lot of good natured ribbing (oh, bad Jenna) about the bobbles inside circles design.

Click to go up a size.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh God help me.

I finally started a sweater I've been procrastinating on since Christmas. I couldn't get the right pattern, so I decided what people won't do for me, I'm better off doing myself. So I'm *gulp* designing a sweater. Mostly. I'm converting a cardigan pattern to a turtleneck pattern and putting a fun stitch design in the front middle that'll run up and down the length of it. Either a cable or a gansey pattern of some sort. Let's hope this works.

On a cute note, the adorable BF (he of the "Ribbed for His Pleasure Hat") and I were talking today and he mentioned his family being from the Isle of Aran. He was a bit confused, albeit amused, by my gleeful spazzing. He then wondered how he'd look in an Aran sweater. That was prompt enough for his introduction to "curse of the love sweater." I may have known you for a year and a half, but with three months of dating, I can't do a sweater yet. Maybe three... decades.... of marriage? :) He's still getting webbed toe socks next time I'm on a yarn buying spree (so, as soon as I chew through the restraints), though.