Saturday, March 22, 2008

FO is finally a FO

I sewed the buttons on to my sweater last night, finally. What can I say, using sewing thread on a worsted weight sweater intimidates me. But I made it happen. Took forever just to put on four buttons, but everyone loves it, they mostly work, and I'm happy. I showed it off at knitting group today and everyone kept remarking about how well it fit and how good it looked. I felt so proud. And, they liked RPM, too, which is moving along nicely. I have one sock done, and I just started the gusset of #2 at group today. I might read for a while, instead, though, since I sort of need projects to last me a while.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Knitting break

Oh, man.

I'm not going to be able to buy any new yarn for a while. Well, I'm able, but it's probably not wise. I had a major computer emergency this week, which resulted in needing to buy a new one. $1000 later, here I am. Yeah, I know I could have spent less, probably a lot less, but if I'm gonna be forced to do something, I'm gonna do it right. I wanted awesome performance, lots of memory, and most importantly, a totally kickass video card so I can play an unholy amount of World of Warcraft. Except, one little problem. I installed Burning Crusade so I could use a free server a few weeks ago, and once you upgrade to a BC account, you can't open your account on a computer without it. I left BC at school, not really thinking that would be an issue. Oh, son of a bitch. So I spent a lot of today patching and updating regular WoW. Of course, I still won't be able to play when I get back to school because I have a paper due in early April that I haven't done a damn thing for. I don't feel this is entirely my fault, as the professor has never said a single thing to us about it. I really like the guy, but geesh.

So yeah. There won't be much knitting going on between now and... a while. I have stash, and I'm still working away on RPM, but I don't foresee any new sweaters now that CPH is done. I was hoping to make Jaden, but I guess it's long sleeve anyways and it wouldn't really be worth it by the time I actually finished it.

What a bummer.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My God, it's pictures of a FO!

Here's the CPH, at least, some of it. I just bought the buttons, and I haven't sewn them on yet, but I'd say it's functional regardless - wore it out and about today! It's so cozy. I love the sleeves especially. They're a little long, but I actually really like that. I am SO excited to wear it to knitting group on Saturday.

So hot right now.

With bonus Jenna feet. I can never get out of my own way when I take pictures. Hi, Regia sock yarn.

And bonus UFO!

RPM from Knitty in Plymouth Happy Feet. Oh, it looks so cool in person. The pattern is really fun when you get started and can see it. I was afraid the color would dominate everything because it's kind of dark in person, but it's going really well. So excited. I'm totally going to have to go to Grace Robinson in Freeport before I go back to school to get the yarn for my next project. Which might be Jaden. When did Knitty get so good? I always used to think everything was either really above me or really ridiculous. Now I've got one Knitty on the needles and one on the WANT! list. Neat.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I finished my infernal Central Park Hoodie!!

God, I blocked this thing, sewed it up, went to put it on, and HATED IT. Hated it so hard. It just flopped off me and I wanted to cry. I knew I still had a hood to do, though. And I'll be damned if that hood wasn't the most obnoxious thing ever. The numbers didn't add up at all - I had something like at least 100 extra stitches. It lived in a ball of anger on my desk until yesterday. I came home for Spring Break, and brought it to the library knitting group and threw myself at their mercy. After 15 minutes or so of trying to figure out the issue, a woman realized - I never sewed the shoulder seams! Durrrr. Wow. So, with a borrowed tapestry needle and some blushing, I sewed the goddamn things. Guess what, it fit great. And I started the hood there, with no issue at all. Finished it around 2 am last night.

Today was button band day - in between making a birthday cake for my aunt. I even made my first buttonholes. So now all that's left is picking out my buttons. Right now, I have dangly earrings hanging from where they should be. It works.

Pics soon to come. Gauging for
RPM right now.