Monday, March 17, 2008

My God, it's pictures of a FO!

Here's the CPH, at least, some of it. I just bought the buttons, and I haven't sewn them on yet, but I'd say it's functional regardless - wore it out and about today! It's so cozy. I love the sleeves especially. They're a little long, but I actually really like that. I am SO excited to wear it to knitting group on Saturday.

So hot right now.

With bonus Jenna feet. I can never get out of my own way when I take pictures. Hi, Regia sock yarn.

And bonus UFO!

RPM from Knitty in Plymouth Happy Feet. Oh, it looks so cool in person. The pattern is really fun when you get started and can see it. I was afraid the color would dominate everything because it's kind of dark in person, but it's going really well. So excited. I'm totally going to have to go to Grace Robinson in Freeport before I go back to school to get the yarn for my next project. Which might be Jaden. When did Knitty get so good? I always used to think everything was either really above me or really ridiculous. Now I've got one Knitty on the needles and one on the WANT! list. Neat.

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