Sunday, March 16, 2008


I finished my infernal Central Park Hoodie!!

God, I blocked this thing, sewed it up, went to put it on, and HATED IT. Hated it so hard. It just flopped off me and I wanted to cry. I knew I still had a hood to do, though. And I'll be damned if that hood wasn't the most obnoxious thing ever. The numbers didn't add up at all - I had something like at least 100 extra stitches. It lived in a ball of anger on my desk until yesterday. I came home for Spring Break, and brought it to the library knitting group and threw myself at their mercy. After 15 minutes or so of trying to figure out the issue, a woman realized - I never sewed the shoulder seams! Durrrr. Wow. So, with a borrowed tapestry needle and some blushing, I sewed the goddamn things. Guess what, it fit great. And I started the hood there, with no issue at all. Finished it around 2 am last night.

Today was button band day - in between making a birthday cake for my aunt. I even made my first buttonholes. So now all that's left is picking out my buttons. Right now, I have dangly earrings hanging from where they should be. It works.

Pics soon to come. Gauging for
RPM right now.

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