Monday, February 04, 2008


So, I've got a vest. I finished knitting both fronts and the back's long done, so now I'm on the first sleeve. Sleeves always terrify me. I have skinny little arms. And a history of things going VERY wrong. Like the extra foot I ripped out of Mariah. Of course, that also makes me believe I can handle any cable pattern thrown at me. I have this weird fear with knitting, though. I don't want to put things together. Everything looks fine when it's just assorted pieces, but I never know if it really fine until I put it together. And that's when I tend to freak out. I'm not a great finisher, in that I just don't do it, so I don't tend to see problems as easily or actually fixable. I mostly just panic.

I know that's something I really need to overcome, in every sector of my life, really. So hopefully when the CPH is done, I'll actually go down to the drug store and get a cardboard display board so I can block the thing the way it should be done. I just can't stand the smell of wet wool (like old hot dogs) and I can't leave the room with the door open since I don't have a roommate anymore. I'll have to figure something out.

Blogging from work again. There was a staff meeting so my boss actually told me to "look busy" if I ran out of things to do. Jackpot. I wish I'd brought the sweater in the first place. I could have at least another inch by the time I'm out of here at 3.

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