Monday, July 18, 2005

Stash/Stress Reduction Scarf

After regretfully trying to just knit off a hank and not wind it into a ball, and then crying over the tangled mess I had, I just wanted something simple to do. I was all set to grab some sock yarn from my knitting bag (I've never even made socks. That would have just not been relaxing.), but I saw my 17s and got inspired.

I've been trying to make this damned Joann's Sensations yarn into something other than a waste of money for some time now. When this involves the purchase of new tools, something seems wrong. I thought I'd make mittens. No pattern or anything. Obviously, I gave up after 2 rows.

So, what's every knitter's "this yarn has to die NOW" last resort? The good old scarf. I cast on 6 stitches, making it a little over 4 inches wide, and just knit until those 3 balls were gone. I found it was much easier to work with when I physically loosened every stitch after getting it on the needle, lifting up the yarn and pushing the bump behind it to the front. After that, I took some more Sensations yarn, Peacock, and made some trim. I had on shorts when I tried it on it, and it was tickling my knees. :oP But, there's 3.5 balls worth of stash reduction, and I made something in less than a day!

(Click to enlarge)

Lolo looks like brains.
The final result: (I really need to find a better way to take pictures of this stuff):

Monday, July 11, 2005

Make the ribbing stop.

So I've been working on this Ribby Cardi. And after finishing the first sleeve, and having to do an extra 22 rows because apparently, 14.5 inches is not just as good as 17 inches, I've come down with a case of ribbing madness. I'm a pretty fast knitter, and sometimes I can find the process of ribbing addictive, but oh God, I've done so much. Gee, who'd think, with a project called the RIBBY CARDI. The worst part? The USO I'm dying to get to...socks with 3 inches of ribbing at the top.

I know I've been lazy about posting pics. So I have the back, one front panel, and one sleeve done. I have half of another front panel done - just need to get out to the LYS for a little more yarn - and I've gotten through a few inches of sleeve #2. I wanted this thing done by Saturday, but with working 4 days in a row and needing to go to the LYS, not to mention blocking...ain't happenning. It's heartbreaking. I know, it's a wool blend sweater in July. But still.

Ugh, maybe I'll get a few rows done during my breaks tomorrow. I hate just pacing around, checking sizes and folding. It's so much time that could be spent being productive...which is why I usually sneak down to the footwear section to get shoes for the kids (It probably bears mentioning that I work in the kids' department of a major ass catalog company's flagship store...I've gotten to speak 3 languages in one day.) because at least I can see tangible results for my efforts. Meh.

Knitting with black yarn, over something not entirely mindless, in a house with terrible light for nights on end...clearly, I hate my eyes and want them to die.