Monday, July 18, 2005

Stash/Stress Reduction Scarf

After regretfully trying to just knit off a hank and not wind it into a ball, and then crying over the tangled mess I had, I just wanted something simple to do. I was all set to grab some sock yarn from my knitting bag (I've never even made socks. That would have just not been relaxing.), but I saw my 17s and got inspired.

I've been trying to make this damned Joann's Sensations yarn into something other than a waste of money for some time now. When this involves the purchase of new tools, something seems wrong. I thought I'd make mittens. No pattern or anything. Obviously, I gave up after 2 rows.

So, what's every knitter's "this yarn has to die NOW" last resort? The good old scarf. I cast on 6 stitches, making it a little over 4 inches wide, and just knit until those 3 balls were gone. I found it was much easier to work with when I physically loosened every stitch after getting it on the needle, lifting up the yarn and pushing the bump behind it to the front. After that, I took some more Sensations yarn, Peacock, and made some trim. I had on shorts when I tried it on it, and it was tickling my knees. :oP But, there's 3.5 balls worth of stash reduction, and I made something in less than a day!

(Click to enlarge)

Lolo looks like brains.
The final result: (I really need to find a better way to take pictures of this stuff):

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