Friday, March 21, 2008

Knitting break

Oh, man.

I'm not going to be able to buy any new yarn for a while. Well, I'm able, but it's probably not wise. I had a major computer emergency this week, which resulted in needing to buy a new one. $1000 later, here I am. Yeah, I know I could have spent less, probably a lot less, but if I'm gonna be forced to do something, I'm gonna do it right. I wanted awesome performance, lots of memory, and most importantly, a totally kickass video card so I can play an unholy amount of World of Warcraft. Except, one little problem. I installed Burning Crusade so I could use a free server a few weeks ago, and once you upgrade to a BC account, you can't open your account on a computer without it. I left BC at school, not really thinking that would be an issue. Oh, son of a bitch. So I spent a lot of today patching and updating regular WoW. Of course, I still won't be able to play when I get back to school because I have a paper due in early April that I haven't done a damn thing for. I don't feel this is entirely my fault, as the professor has never said a single thing to us about it. I really like the guy, but geesh.

So yeah. There won't be much knitting going on between now and... a while. I have stash, and I'm still working away on RPM, but I don't foresee any new sweaters now that CPH is done. I was hoping to make Jaden, but I guess it's long sleeve anyways and it wouldn't really be worth it by the time I actually finished it.

What a bummer.

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