Sunday, August 21, 2005

More with the Magic Stripes

Hi Jason.

My mom wanted some socks, so I let her pick the yarn. I suggested something from KnitPicks, like some nice Dancing or, she picks this. I warn her, it's not going to knit up as pretty as the ball is. Damn. I admit, they look much worse on the needles than they do on the feet. And she's happy, so that's what matters.

What I love about these is that I actually did one in a day. I worked on it during the wait/opening acts for the Backstreet Boys concert my aunt and I went to. So that just adds to my list of Amazing Places I've KIPped. But it took me forever to finish the second one. Just no ambition. Oh, and I haven't really been this productive today. I finished Muppet today, but these socks were done earlier.

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Anonymous said... rock girl!!! Way to knit!!! Have a great year...I will definately missing the Tuesday night knitting group :(