Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm sorry... WHAT?

So I'm making a Lady Eleanor Stole with Kureyon, and I'm on the last ball and know I want two more. The closest yarn store doesn't carry it, so I started looking around online. Found a place with the two colors I wanted to order, and they were even on sale for $4.35 or something like that. Awwwwwwesome. And then I go to checkout, and discover that my order will be cancelled unless I bring it up to $25, pre-tax and pre-shipping.


What. The. Fuck.

For me, the only time I buy yarn online is usually to finish off a project with something that I didn't buy locally or can't find. So not really any huge orders. So there'd really be no way I could even buy from them without forcing myself to buy so much more than I actually wanted. Wonderful.

The stole, however, is absolutely beautiful. It's actually a scarf - I cut the pattern in half. I should have cut it again, though, because it's really twice as wide as my usual scarves. Which annoys me to no end, but I was fearful - my first entrelac, even. So when I inevitably make another one (Christmas present, perhaps) or five, I'll just do it that way. And I'm so in love with the technique that I already have mental plans for a red, black, and white felted clutch. Like I use clutches, could stand constantly holding something, or have the patience to felt a swatch. But still.

Finished two pairs of socks since I got home, and had requests for socks and a Dr. Who scarf. Not sure when/if I'll follow through on either. My aunt wants the socks, which are a carbon copy of one I just made for myself. I might just give her these - or at least, I would, if I had joined the yarn a little less sloppily on the first sock. I make so many socks that I can't even get them in my sock drawer anymore. But yet I'm constantly planning more. I am not a person of moderation when it comes to knitting, I guess. Well, I don't have the sort of insane monster stash that some of my group mates have, but at least with socks, I just keep making them. I always make them for me because I have a hard time feeling like anyone i might make them for would actually appreciate them or care for them the right way. I just found a group on Ravelry called "Selfish Knitters," which is a tongue in cheek name, for a group of those of us who have been burned by too many people thinking it's totally ok to ask someone to dedicate so much time and money to doing them a favor. Which reminds me, I better get started on that 22 foot garter stitch scarf. Yeah, right.

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