Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've got 11 inches for you, baby.

11 inches of pure sweater ecstasy.

That's the back part of my Toni sweater, from The Mirasol Collection Book 5. I bought that book at Seaport Yarn in Portland, and I'm using Cascade Venezia Worsted from The Knitting Experience that I had been loving for so long, and finally bought when it was on sale. I'm also being terribly uncreative and using yarn that is totally the same color as the pattern photo, which you can see in someone else's WIP here. I got through that much, plus two pocket liners, before I had to wind the next ball. I guess that counts as destashing. At the very least, it let me make another visit to the personal yarn store to pull out the next hank.

I brought all 15 items to the Cumberland fairgrounds tonight. I'm so nervous. All my babies are gone, waiting to be judged. I feel like I have a reasonable shot in many of the categories. In a repeat of last year, my plain knit socks entry (the pom pom socks) were an immediate attention-getter. That's the one I took a blue ribbon in last year. It's hard not to aim for a repeat performance this year. Which may have been a major motivator in submitting 15 items to the fair. I like ribbons.

I went to the Y for the third time today. I saw a woman that I've subbed with before (yesterday, actually - I got a half day covering for my former boss) and she was telling me about proctoring SAT exams. That must be coming up soon, so I sent an e-mail to the contact person as soon as I got home. It's great money, so hopefully that turns into something for me.

Takashi Saito is killing me right now. After Ramon Ramirez prevented a shut out. Oh bullpen, you never make it easy.

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