Friday, September 04, 2009

My day, in pictures

My day started with a coffee date with a fantastic guy. Mmm. Can't beat chai lattes and three fabulous hours of conversation.

When I came home, there was a big box of Wollmeise waiting for me - the aforementioned Lowenzahn, Pfefferminz Prinz, and Lavendel. Lavendel is definitely my favorite. None of these skeins are ever quite what I'm expecting. Sometimes they're much prettier, sometimes they take a little getting used to, but they've all grown on me. A friend of mine ordered some PP and her skein from the same update had much more contrast between the green and blue. Mine almost looks semi-solid. Very strange. But still lovely. I also expected the Lowenzahn to have more yellow in it, but I'm learning to not always trust the pictures on TLE.

I also got some Yarn Pirate I had swapped for a few weeks ago. It's a fantastic aqua blue. It'll be perfect for some intense cabling on socks.

I watched a frighteningly bad Red Sox loss - 12-2, White Sox. But it was actually somewhat entertaining, because with nothing good to talk about, Don Orsillo and Dennis Eckersley, who is a MILLION times better than Dave Roberts, just started talking about random shit, like how to shave your own head or setting people's feet on fire. It was worth it just for the commentary.

I finished a project I started in 2005. I don't know what my issue was with this penguin. I just lost interest in the thought of making the beak and feet. After doing so tonight, I totally understand why. I was not about to make 6 individual toes, seam them, and then sew them all on. Hell. No. So I figured out my own stitch count, knit in the round, and then divided up the toes like glove fingers. I hate making gloves. This should have been a clue. I was working with standard size DPNs with TWO stitches on each one. Goddamn. I couldn't have been happier to be done with that. I've been hoarding this bag of Polyfil much longer than I've been knitting, for reasons that will eventually get me on A&E, so I had plenty to stuff the penguin with. Of course, when it came time to do the feet, I'd already brought it upstairs. So I just cut a few yards of Kureyon off my scrap ball and shoved them in there. That's one way to work through the stash.

Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch with my knitting group. We'll be sitting on the patio in the warm sun, eating fancy food overlooking the ocean. I see some vodka and cranberries in my future, although from that fancypants description, a mint julep sounds more obvious. Three of us booked a trip to Camden, ME for March, for a long "knitter's weekend." I can be talked into anything. Sadly, I can be talked into $275. The yarn store sort of hosting it wants a $75 fee... but you get 20% off in the store and a goodie bag! If I spend enough that I end up saving $75 thanks to that discount, I officially have to stop buying food so I can use the cabinets to store yarn. As it is, my bedroom is a personal yarn store. It's getting sick, really. Nevermind the Wollmeise basket. I'm actually pretty glad there wasn't an update tonight. I have got to cut it out. That said, I'm bringing my ipod touch to knitting tomorrow, just in case there's an update while I'm out and I can grab it through the coffee shop's free wifi. I'm beginning to totally understand drug addiction.

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