Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ice cream boyfriend strikes again.

So I used to live next door to an ice cream window. WHY DID WE EVER MOVE. Being that it's September 2nd, I realized that time is running out on ice cream. It was a gorgeous day, so I walked a couple miles (okay, maybe it just feels like it. But it's at least one of them. and a half.) to get some. There's this guy there that's been flirting with me via ice cream for years. I have no idea how old he is, because he looks pretty young, but I did see him smoking recently (heartbreaking). Like I said, he's been there a few years, but this place is pretty into the child labor. I applied there myself when I was 15. But anyways, I'm not a cougar, so I just take the ice cream, not the dude. He always gives me an obscene amount. Today I walked home with this:

Hot damn. It was the best walk home ever. That's all chocolate soft serve ice cream and crushed up Oreos. I eat like a god. I got a kick out of the "it's the end of the season, this is all the crap that didn't sell" hard serve flavors they had today: Indian Pudding, Almond Joy (they have had Almond Joy the entire Summer... usually flavors rotate every day or two), Pumpkin Pecan... not pretty. Indian Pudding, sweet Jesus.

I had a great day to myself, knitting, eating broccoli-cheese-and-bacon soup, watching some classy episodes of Trading Spouses. I even sent the secretary in charge of assigning substitutes an e-mail to remind her that I have full availability now, and she wrote right back with a four day assignment for me! It's even ed teching! The best part of that is that you get hourly pay instead of a flat rate, and it works out to be a lot more than the flat rate. Plus, it's one on one instead of "oh my God, there are 20 first graders here and they are solely my problem." Then, I went out for the best time I've had in weeks (and I've had some great times!), mini-golfing and out to dinner with five friends. It was SO much fun, and, odd as it sounds, even better because none of us are any good at mini golf. It's better when you can all laugh about being terrible, you know? I tied for fourth place, which, all things considered, was pretty amazing. I hit the ball over onto the next hole at one point. I'm like the mini golf hulk.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, after repeatedly yelling "YES!" in the mini golf parking lot in order to convince a skeptical friend that yes, she really did want to go out. I'm not used to drinking with my original two friends, but the new three were more comfortable. My friend Anna and I decided to join the guys in drinks. I apparently ordered A BUCKET OF MARGARITA.

Totally drank it all, too. Didn't get wasted off of it, like the last time I had a margarita. Granted, last time was two margaritas and two vodkas, the vodkas being consumed one right after another, and having never had that many drinks in one night before. My face got warm, but I didn't get silly off it. I was already plenty silly from having a WONDERFUL time with my friends. It was a shame to have to go home. I can't wait to see them all again - it was such a fantastic time. I'm so glad that I'm getting out more, trying new things, opening myself up, meeting new people, and finally being comfortable being myself. Things have gotten so much better because of it.

I've now blogged 5 days in a row! I know the time stamps don't reflect it, but I say, even if it's after midnight, if I'm still up, it still counts as the same day. I don't want to commit to writing every single day for a year, since that'll just lead to failure and disappointment (I'm so optimistic) but I think I'm on a good roll. And I've really enjoyed this, after being pushed by my friend Jennifer to do so.

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