Friday, September 18, 2009

Finishing up prep for the fair

I like my blog so much better when there's pictures in the entries. Accordingly, there's a penguin. And here's a penguin butt.

I know I already put up a picture, a very awkward one of the penguin on my countertop in front of a piece of foam core, but I felt all artsy and shit. I'm alone during the day sometimes now, and one of the other residents in this building moved out, so I've been frolicking about the front and back yards more, since no one's around to see me putting a penguin in a tree or taking pictures of Wollmeise topless (because I'm sweaty after running and why bother putting on a clean shirt). I also put a pillow in a tree.

It JUST makes it to fair size specification. And I am so in love with it. For something that was made on a whim as a total destasher, it couldn't be prettier. The other side has a tier of black diamonds right across the middle - it fits perfectly. My friend Vivian had suggested entrelac for it, and that led me to the Kureyon, since Kureyon is just made for this sort of stuff. I changed balls every tier, and occasionally worked from a scrap ball or the other end of a ball when both balls were at a similar color. I used two full balls and a bit of scrap leftover from the Noro scarves I made last Summer. Got three things out of my stash, hallejuah. And then I bought 16 Wollmeises. I am powerless. Want to see them?

That's all 16 of them in my Lantern Moon basket, or, the one useful thing from the "basket of yarn" I bid on and won at my last NHPTV auction. If anyone wants an autographed copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club, let's negotiate. And if you want a more dramatic shot of my collection, here you go (this is also my background on my desktop and twitter now):

I think I'm finished making things for the fair. I made a baby hat that was so damn cute, I ended up writing the pattern and putting it up on Rav - The Little Lady Baby Hat. I know, I sicken myself. And I only made it for the fair - I have no idea what I'll do with it after. Maybe it'll become the next Clapotis and I can send it over to the LYS that I got the yarn from to use as a shop sample. Or, you know, that has no chance of happening. But one of my internet friends is making it, at least! It has a ruffle, after all. You can't beat the ruffle. Except for the part where I make you cast on like 300 stitches. That was pretty cruel of me.

I've done a little less knitting this week because I've been taking advantage of the fact that September actually has a few decent weeks of weather and going outside walking/running for hours. I accidentally wandered to the next town yesterday. And the day before that, I accidentally locked myself in a community garden. But that's a story for another time. A story about why I should join a gym instead, I guess.

Right now I'm working on a slouchy hat with Manos Silk Blend. It's so soft and so nice to work with. I just fear that I'll run a bit short, so I had to go into this project with a willingness to frog. That's never anything fun to think about. So instead, think about a bed covered in sock yarn.

There's a reasonable chance I'm mentally ill.


a frog named purl said...

penguin! i like heem. looky like candy corn. that pillow looks fantastic! art pillow. makes me want to entrelacy. you can send the basket or wollmeise my way. it looks like there's no room for it. no worries i'll take it off oyur hands!

Sarayu said...

I SEE MY SOCKS IN THERE!!! I feel famous just knowing you.