Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Madness? This is Wollmeise!

I haven't gone to bed yet, so this post still counts as Monday.

I got cartjacked on a WM 80/20 update tonight, so I missed the V3 and Ulura I had in my cart. More than made up for it when there was a 100 update later in the night:

Pfefferminz Prinz

Holy crap.

I actually had two more in my cart but I looked at it and said out loud "I can't do this." I hope the two I put back went to someone that hadn't gotten a chance to get some before - I've been a piggy lately. And I went to Seaport Yarn, a store where some friends are often unable to spend less than several hundred dollars. I had been there once before and didn't have that problem, but today I found so much wonderful Mirasol yarn that I needed to make sweaters out of. I grabbed a few other things for socks and hats, as well as a pattern book. The woman that works there is very nice, too.

School started today. Although I didn't get an ed tech job, I'm on the sub list. Hopefully I'll be getting a little work sometime soon. I guess I can always hope the rumors about Swine Flu getting stronger are true. Because I'm going to hell.

I'm working on an entrelac pillow in Kureyon as an entry for the fair. I am so shameless. I figured I could bang it out fast, but I ended up going out today and then the WM update got me all thrown off, as well as lots of Twittering with my friends. Let's see if I can at least finish this tier without getting too distracted. I think the pillow might get felted after the fair and become a Christmas present. I'm too afraid to felt it now and have it shrink below fair size standards.

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