Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Good thing I have yarn.

2.5 weeks until I'm out of a job. As an ed tech, my contract only runs until the end of the school year, and as I'm only really a long-term sub, who knows what's going to happen when I reapply for the job. Lots of talk of "longevity," which, of course, you can't have if no one will retain you. Oh, yeah, thanks for coming in and saving us and doing so much extra work and bonding so well with so many kids, but we'd rather take our chances with someone else. Not that anything even fazes me with job hunting anymore.

So, chances are, this Summer will be spent much like the last one, with me knitting like it's my job (har har) because really, job interviews fill up only just so much of the day. There's only so much I can tweak a resume and only so many times a day I can scour

Hopefully one of my friends will be interested in going out more this Summer than she was last. She really became a hermit, and I think finally saw the error of her ways. And I just realized that I totally missed her birthday. Oops. But that happens when you go from January to May without seeing someone, and before that, September to January. I'm expecting to see more of my knitting friends this Summer, though. The library where we meet closes on weekends during the Summer, which leaves us without a regular meeting. I'm taking the lead in convincing everyone to continue our regular monthly lunch, as well as planning on organizing some yarn store trips, Sea Dogs games, or trips to the yarn store's knitting group. I'm also going to look into seeing if one of the two independent coffee shops in town would take us. That'll be a big step for me, as far as assertiveness goes, but the worst they can do is say no. I can try to convince them that if we're there, we're going to be tempted by coffees and pastries (chai and pastries for me). As it is, our library is across from Dunkin' Donuts, and sometimes I end up doing a chai-and-bagels run.

Tomorrow I'm supervising a student on the fifth grade class trip to Boston. I'm nervous as hell about it. Sometimes, this kid and I get on famously, and sometimes he's pouty and angry and won't listen. I'm just hoping he'll be wowed enough by the experience to be in a good mood. And I know I'm going to be chasing him the Bunker Hill monument. Dear knees, please try to survive this. But I'm also realizing that this means I'm going to be spending up to 6 hours on a school bus (why do trips always take so much longer when you're on a bus full of screaming fifth graders?) - that's some serious time to kill. I can't see anything wrong with bringing a small knitting project. Honestly, it's not like I'm going to lose the kid on the bus, so as long as I'm keeping an eye on his behavior, I think it's fine if I work on a sock. I'll probably bring some Knitpicks sock yarn. I did that before with a different color of the same yarn for when I needed a project for my trip to Boston in February. I know I'm going to get 7 stitches to the inch, so that saves me the problem of finding just the right gauge and needle. The yarn is variegated, and the only two colors in it are dark green and dark purple. That wouldn't lend itself to a complicated pattern very well, which is fine considering I'll be on a school bus with it. I'll pick something simple out of my stitch dictionary later tonight. Is it bad that I've put more thought into this than what I'll bring for food?

Enjoying the WCYY stream and listening to the top 1000 songs. AWWW YEAH, Warning by Green Day just came on. That's always been my favorite of their songs. Nice. I'm off to enjoy the song and maybe finish a sleeve. Oh, wait, that means FINISHING A SWEATER. Most excellent.

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Luke said...


Amen to your thoughts on the freaking job market, and amen to your thoughts on Green Day. Thanks for posting; I came across your blog thanks to the 'next blog' link. Keep on writing!