Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 ball challenge

So Vivian wants to go out yarns hopping (ha! Typo but I love it!) again. At three different stores. Which involves crossing state lines. Even though none of us have started in on our yarn from the last trip and even though we're all feeling the hit on our credit cards. But, she has the day off, so why the hell not. So, in order to kindasortanotreally justify going shopping, I'm going to try to make myself use up 2 balls entirely by the trip, July 2. I know, that's pretty sad.

I'm starting by making a St. James - it's a cute Summer top based on 1950s style. I'm using Berrocco Comfort, which kinda sucks, but I hate cotton yarns and I wasn't going to repeat the mistake of making a cap sleeve sweater in wool. And it reminds me of James St. James, who was played in Party Monster by Seth Green, so the whole thing is just awesome. I'm taking a break from my Clapotis because the KAL still doesn't have an end date, and I want to actually make this Summer top in time for the Summer. Since the clap is on ONES, it may take a little while. (sob) This also means I have 6 WIPs and one hibernator, if you can actually count the scrapghan as a WIP. How unlike me. Maybe I'll actually do the 5 more rows or so that my washcloth has and get that done. And shower with it. Hooray!

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