Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lovely day!

First, in knitting realted wharrgarbl, I did officially complete the two-ball challenge by using the entirety of the two blue balls of Berroco Comfort... plus A YARD of the third. oh god that's infuriating. So if anybody is looking for an almost-completely-whole ball of royal blue, holler. And my top came out super gorgeous and got lots of compliments and I felt ravishing in it. Here, have a look.

you know you want this.

You'd hit it.

It went really fast, even the seed stitch part. I definitely want another one - maybe in orange with a pink band. It's just so hard to find a good orange. I'm thinking blaze orange, because that's how I do things, but I always have a hard time finding something that isn't pumpkin or rust. Speaking of which, I have some pumpkiny rust stashed away. One of which has been wound since mid-May under the delusion that I was going to start the project it's intended for "right away." And now I've kind of lost desire. Oops.

So I had a perfect day yesterday. It was my "last" meeting with my knitting group. I say "last" because it so isn't. I don't see any reason we should stop seeing each other until October just because the library will be closed on weekends, so I've been pushing to keep up our monthly lunches and start meeting elsewhere. We've decided on a coffee shop in town, right up the street from the library. I think we'll feel welcome there. I'm also really hoping that this will attract some new people. I love the people I knit with now, but it would be great to attract some new faces. Particularly some within 20 years of my age. But anyways, we went out to a nice restaurant in town, one that happens to be right down the hill from me. I walked, blisters and all. I had a lovely lunch and creme brulee for dessert. We sat out back on the patio and had a great view of the water and the boats. It was even warm out, and for once, not raining. It was absolutely perfect. Everyone was in good spirits and had a great time. I elft a $7 tip on an $18 check, I was so pleased.

Knitting itself commenced after, and we made plans to start meeting at the new place, and another person invited me to a Sea Dogs game with her on Friday. Although I try not to carry bags for things like that, because I'm always the assface that has to get patted down, I think I may bring my knitting. Some people like to do what's called a stitch and pitch, where they, this should be hard to guess, bring knitting to a baseball game. We're just going to be in general admission seats, so I'm going to post on Sox Knitters and Mainely Fiber Arts on Ravelry seeing if anyone is interested in an informal stitch and pitch. There will even be fireworks after the game, since it's right before the fourth. Awesome!

After knitting, I was home for just a few minutes, and then a friend picked me up to go out to an IMAX theater and see Transformers. Of course, by the time we got there, the IMAX version was sold out, and we had to see the regular one, but I'm okay with that. It saved us $5 each. I might like to go back there and see Up! in 3D, too. If I can ever remember to invite the friend that I think might want to see it.

The movie was pretty good, better than I expected. But the new characters were just entirely comic relief and really didn't add anything. And I love the fact that the thing I found most unbelievable in a movie about giant robots disguised as cars fuckin' shit up was that after 2 years of dating, the main characters hadn't said "I love you."

After that, we decided to get something to eat. I was thinking of a place, but couldn't remember the name. He came up with a name, which I thought was right. We got horribly lost getting there, and once we arrived... totally not the place I was thinking of. Oh well. I had a really awesome pizza, with onions and chicken and barbecue sauce.

So yesterday was great, and I got some work done on my Clapotis. I'll try to do more today. It doesn't look like a good day for walking, of course, because it's Maine and it just rains constantly, especially after an almost 3 day reprieve, but I might try some yoga. I've been interested in that lately. What the hell, I might as well hurt in entirely new places.

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