Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh, look. It's raining.

I live in Maine, so there's two things that are going to put me in a sanitarium if they continue much longer: rain every single day and that godforsaken kid from Bonny Eagle that didn't get his diploma. Between the combination of the two, I'm this close to being found in my closet, rocking back and forth and mumbling to myself.

2 ball challenge has been a technical success. I used the entirety of one ball to make the start of my St. James, and then I finished another scrap ball for a washcloth I was working on. A washcloth which I made out of wool. Because I'm brilliant. (what happenned to the Guinness "Brilliant!" ads?) I really thought it was just really nice cotton. I was so excited to have found a cotton I actually liked. Fuck me.

But it doesn't matter. One of my friends overspent herself on the last trip and doesn't want to go anymore. So, that sucks. I guess I can still take it as a personal challenge to see how much yarn I can use by July 3rd, though.

Speaking of personal challenges, I might join the WIPs Wrestlemania. I'm not really someone to start something and then just leave it alone for a year (except those entrelac socks, which can fuck off) but I have a couple of things I might be able to enter. I could also take it as a challenge to grind out some work on my scrapghan. I won't even get half of it done, but it would be nice to assemble some bits. I kinda said I was going to join the LSG team, but now I'm thinking I might join with C2S2. I just... like it better there lately. Maybe someday I'll actually swap something.

I had a job interview yesterday. $14 an hour/40 hours a week. Because I'm a hustla. I should know "by the end of this week or beginning of next week." So, July. I know this game. And crap, I was going to write a thank you note. Ass. I hate that. Ok, enough blogging, guess I have to actually do something that involves effort.

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