Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just for Toni.

Who's on pins and needles waiting for me to post something about the minutiae of my life.

2010 has been kind of awesome so far. I've gotten a day of subbing and had two job interviews. One of them was for subbing, for a district I was already approved for in grades 5-12 (but they made me interview again for k-4), so really, there was no way I could screw that up short of snorting coke during the conversation. I managed to hold off. The other one was for a bank, as a part time teller. Not exactly the career goal or the amount of work I want, but I kicked ass at it. Unfortunately, it's not in the hands of my interviewers. They make recommendations and then "corporate" decides. Ah, bureaucracy.

I worked today at a middle school. It was special-ed-style stuff. Not really cognitive issues, just needs some one on one support. I did nothing. Literally. Nothing. My kid didn't want to work, I was told not to push, so I just hung out with him. It was great. Then I switched to another kid who didn't need me for anything so I watched him watch his class in a geography bee. They both go home early, so I was out early. Insanely easy day. Now, if I would just get called more than once a week.

Nothing much on deck for the rest of the week. I never know when I'm going to work, since the two new districts ever e-mail anything in advance. And I think my usual district is mad at me for already being committed to another town when they called once. Try giving me work more than once a fortnight, or other archaic measurements, and I wouldn't have to look elsewhere.

At this point, I'm just applying for the most ridiculous shit I can find. Last week's highlights include secretary of the hospital's cleaning department, flower department at the grocery store, and furniture store manager. I was this close to applying for one whose main qualification was "sufficient education to be able to read and write." I opted to wait until the moment of absolute financial destitution for that one.

I am almost completely out of tea. Additionally, I am also almost completely out of alcohol. Please send help.

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I know you love me.... hehehe