Monday, December 14, 2009

It's almost over.

I just have to finish this neckwarmer for my aunt, then do Jeremy's hat, which is mostly, mercifully, stockinette ITR, then I can finally get back to the stuff I want to make for myself. My grandmother wants something knitted, but it's not going to happen. I don't have yarn in the colors she wants, she doesn't want socks, and she doesn't wear the 2 scarves I already made her, so why would I make another? Oh, and she wants one made of black fun fur. No.

The neckwarmer's grown by a full repeat since this picture, but here's an idea of what I'm doing:

I'm hoping to have enough white yarn to get through it. It's looking better than I thought earlier, but I'm always concerned about this stuff. After the gifts, I'll finish my sweater, which just needs half a sleeve and then the assembly. Then, I'll either make a hat with some fingering weight yarn or an Ishbel with either Neptun or Baristo Wollmeise. But it'll be a while before I have to make that decision.


a frog named purl said...

BLACK FUN FUR!!!!::runs away screaming::

Ultimecia said...

Who's the little dude in the corner and what have you done to make him so terrified? Was it the fun fur?

Good luck with finishing everything!

Jenna said...

It's the Abominable from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. If you squeeze his foot, he dances and plays music. I put a video of it on my Flickr:

Ultimecia said...


So.. a blue jeti in white fun fur overalls. I love this. And the audience in the background.

Totally started my day in the office with a giggle.

choperena said...

Friends don't let friends knit Fun Fur (well, Red Heart, but the idea stands firm).