Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm Jenna's car, and I'm a Night Elf Mohawk

Parts of car ownership that are awesome:

Getting to go to work by myself
Not having to walk home 45 minutes when it's freezing cold/raining/I don't feel well/I got three hours of sleep last night because I wasn't counting on getting the 6 am call
Being able to work in more places
Pumping "Sabotage" on my CD player as I pull into the elementary school I'm working at that day
Using a drive-through or going to three grocery stores BECAUSE I CAN

Parts of car ownership that totally suck ass:

Scraping ice
Brushing snow
Parking bans

So it's winter in Maine. I probably should have expected this would be a problem. There's kind of a little history of snowy weather here. Because this miserable goddamn motherfucking snowstorm, I lost the day of subbing I was scheduled for. I'm not scheduled for anything else in either of my districts this week, so chances are, the way it works out, I'd have made more money if I hadn't worked when I did on Monday and Tuesday and just gotten my unemployment for th week. So essentially, I just paid $70 to be sworn at and get Legos thrown in my face. That's nice.

Since it's been snowing All. Damn. Day. there's a little bit of a pileup on my car. As in, I had no idea my car was underneath the snow. Because the parking lot isn't plowed, I'm nearly knee deep in snow (thank god for my Uggs which I got for $4.50 through a perfect storm of gift certificates and discounts - though I think the original price was only $180 - wtf ebay?) trying to reach across the car to get all the snow I couldn't reach. Since I had brushed it off the sides and still had the middle left to attempt, my car was looking pretty punk rock with its mohawk.

It's down to rain now, which will probably become freezing rain. Good God, I hate winter.

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