Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I had to make a pom pom today. I don't have a pom pom maker. I don't even have cardboard. I folded up a Webs catalog cover. And it's the best pom pom I've ever made. Fuck yeah. I'll take a pic tomorrow, assuming I feel like digging out my photo equipment. And when I say "photo equipment," I mean a white piece of foam core, a camera, and a USB cord.

To make pom poms in the past, I've folded up duct tape and cut it into the shape of a circle once it was as thick as cardboard. I couldn't even invest THAT amount of effort today. That said, Jeremy is gonna love this hat. Or else I'll strangle him with it. Nah, it was wicked easy. Look at all that stockinette. I strongly question the "k2tog across" school of hat decreases, and I'm not huge on what it did here, but I guess it wouldn't make sense to have my usual 8 decrease spiral here - the decreases need to be invisible. Now, I wish I had access to my ex boyfriend's Firefly discs so I could watch it while I celebrate getting this hat done. I'm kind of astounded by my own skills (humility is my strong suit) putting this together. It looks perfect. Totally accurate. It's sort of striking in its ugliness, too. I think I did Ma Cobb proud on this one.

I'm back to work on my Toni sweater. I've bitched out and decided to look into a professional finisher. I just don't trust myself to put this thing together competently. I think if I devoted a long, long time to it, and tried not to get too discouraged, it could happen, but I just feel like it's better in someone else's hands. At least then I know it'll come out wearable. I guess my anxiety goes back to Lina making fun of my seaming in college. Thanks, Lina. Way to endear yourself to the other knitter in the dorm. But, needless to say, when there was a knitting group in that dorm before Mary went to Germany and Sarah graduated, I didn't blend in too well, if you haven't figured that out from all my swearing and debauchery. And the fact that I knitted a thong. And showed it to a girl that used to ask us if we wanted to go to church with her. Were it not for LSG, I'd think I was the strangest knitter on earth.

I'd forgotten how nice so many of the patterns in Mirasol Book 5 are. Maybe I'll actually make another one of them after I get some projects out of the way after this sweater. My sweater yarn stash watches me sleep every night and begs me to do something with it. At least I was smart enough to keep the sock yarn hidden in the closet.

Destash my life updates:
* Finished a few more sample bags of tea - getting scarily low on good tea.
* Sent out lots of sock scraps
* Mailed out the charity blanket I had long ago finished as well as one that was in progress, plus many squares I hadn't attached yet. It's someone else's problem now. They're going to finish it and give it to their charity and I don't have to feel bad about having a WIP on my sidebar here that I have no intention of ever working on.
* A book I read, a sweater that's kind of bleh, a shirt I'm not in love with


choperena said...

Picks or it didn't happen! The thong, preferably, but the hat will do in a pinch :/

summerdae said...

I may be late on this, but for next time this is easy...

Very creative of you though.