Monday, December 21, 2009

Destash my life, 12/20

* One bathing suit
* 3 pairs of sandals - including two pairs I've attempted to toss at least three times and always stop
* 7 pairs of socks (not the knitted kind, of course)
* a very trashy skirt
* A CD ROM game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
* A huge hippie skirt. I dearly love the color of it but it's just too big in the waist and not professional enough for work but too billowy to wear around the house
* Stuffed some more papers into the recycle bag
* Cleaned out a medicine bag from college and threw out three things that had expired between 3 months and 3 years ago. Also rediscovered some lotion, hair products, and bath products I had no idea I had.

There may be more in the pile but I can't remember. Every once in a while, during a break in a football game, I'd open a trunk or a drawer and pick out some stuff to toss. Since I'm back to work on applying to grad school and moving out, I want to have less stuff in my way. One of the major hurdles would be cleaning out the junk I have in the shed. It's not just that it's cold and the shed is crowded, but there may be assorted mouse heads in there. Yeah. Lovely. Mice have been getting into the shed, so my grandmother has been putting glue traps to get them. She got one on there, but when she picked up the trap with a shovel, she alleges the head fell off. I am never going in there again.

I spent the entire day watching football, knitting a new scarf (a lengthwise rainbow scarf made with Kauni Effektgarn EQ), and texting my friend Raj about football. It was a perfect day. 4 cups of tea, a cup of cocoa, a hard cider, made my own mini pizza, watched some killer games, really solidified a new friendship, and started in on yarn I bought over a year ago. I'd call it a very successful day.

It's 1 am, so I better think about packing it in (if I ever get to the end of this row) and go to bed to read. Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

I so dearly need to clear out clutter, especially since I seem to move so damn often. You're motivating me!