Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I finally got a day of subbing today. It was teacher subbing, so it wasn't as high pay, but it was for a special ed teacher, so I didn't have the pressure of being in front of a classroom. I don't know why I keep begging for that - it's just for the sake of the money/getting out of the house, I guess.

I enjoy subbing for this teacher because half the time, when she has to work with multiple kids at once, one doesn't show, she has a nice long lunch period, there's computers in the learning center so I can go online in my downtime, and there's even a prep period. I don't have anything to prep, since I'm just there to make sure no one sets any fires, so I get to chill out and amuse myself. Sometimes I knit, sometimes I go online. Today, I had brought my current book, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. It's pretty good. And a nice departure from the silly stuff I've been reading (the kind of stuff I get at "fill a bag for a dollar" day at the Clam Festival). I didn't get any reading done, though. I had brought a job application for tomorrow's interview to fill out during my down time. Admittedly, some of that down time was while my students were doing math. And God, I hate when companies do that, insist you fill out the exact same info from your resume on another form. I had a bank do that when I got to the interview and wouldn't talk to me until I had done so. The best part? I was literally filling in the exact same form that I had submitted to them online. I haven't gotten a call back about that interview. It was Summer of 2008. I guess I didn't get it.

Since I was already in "be proactive about your semi-employment" mode, I used my break times to jump on the computers and look for jobs. I decided to apply for two ed tech jobs. One is at a fairly nearby school, though I've heard it's nothing I'd want since the kids are very low-functioning. At least I can amuse myself by trying. Another one isn't as nearby as I'd like, but if it's "drive an extra ten minutes more than I'd like" or "not have a job," it's not really a choice any more. I also remembered there's this Maine career center job bank online and got back on for the first time in a long time. Oh, sweet hilarity. When you look at a job, one of the first things you see is a box for if it requires a driver's license. And the one I jumped on did not. I am hoping with all of my heart for it - a liaison between state and partner agencies on domestic violence through Child Protective Services. I want this more than breathing. Awesome salary, very rewarding, challenging.

Problem: there is a very reasonable chance I'll be hired at tomorrow's interview. I don't want this job. It's one of those "if I have to, this will do" jobs (see also: pharmacy technician at the hellhole) but it is NOT my preference at all. But I can't count on the CPS job. I can't even count on subbing. But if I accept the job and hate it, I can't quit, because I won't qualify for unemployment. I realize that I should expect a place called "______ Home Health" would require in-home care, but honestly, the posting was fairly vague, and I applied so long ago that this might not even be the same job. I'll go to the interview (which screws me out of a day of subbing because it's at 1 pm) and I'll put on a good face, but I won't hesitate to ask questions about what I'm really getting myself into. Who knows, hopefully the pay will suck and that will make it that much easier to say no.

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