Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pinks and purples

My ballband bag only took one cycle to get felted. I left it in front of the heater all day to dry, and I love how it came out. Kureyon is such an awesome yarn - even if it does feel kind of crappy, I still think it's made of pixie hairs and fairy dust. Although I did somehow manage to find the one colorway that doesn't have color transitions; it's pretty much just pink. See:

I didn't know that Cascade was such a great felting yarn. It's worlds better than the Dale I used for my first felted bag, which took three cycles and I'm still not in love with it. This bag, though, I love the little bricks of color. This was my first time using the ubiquitous ball band pattern. I totally see why it's like crack to washcloth people.

After I finished that, I cast on for some Circle Socks. And oh, look at that. Ball band pattern.

It's probably going to be bordering on obsession soon. Like that time I discovered entrelac and made 2 scarves and a Quant in rapid-fire succession.

I'm on the second sock now. I'm hoping to have them done by Saturday, because I joined a sock wars kind of thing. I'm so very afraid. I'm supposed to have certain yarn for it, but I don't, and no way to get more, so I'm hoping I can stash dive. There's a prize for wackiest socks, so I don't see why I should be limited to just one self-striping yarn. Perhaps I could do one per sock? And if you're my target, and you're reading this, watch out :) I'm springing for super-fast shipping on this one.

Here's the full sock:

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greentaraknits said...

The bag turned out really cute!

And the socks are...interesting.