Sunday, February 08, 2009

Knitting goals for the week

  • Finish my Circle Socks
  • Begin a second project using the yarn I bought last Saturday at TKE - possibly using pink and brown baby alpaca and showing off my fair isle skillz
  • If I recieve some unfinished socks because I successfully assassinated someone in Battle of the Soxes II, KNIT THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

I actually learned fair freaking isle. Ok, there was nothing hard about it and I'm a big whiny poop. I even took the optional step of continuing the pattern on the foot because I liked it and watned to practice. I apologize that I didn't have nicer yarn to use but the switch to worsted was kind of a last minute "FUCK IT I'M NOT LEARNING FAIR ISLE ON FINGERING" and I can't justify a new yarn purchase right now, so I had to make do with one nice leftover and one not quite as nice gift. At least it made a pretty sweet color combo.

I feel like a god.

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