Saturday, February 14, 2009

1x1 ribbing: why not just kill myself?

I worked on my Corona at work today. Too bad, without knowing it, I twisted the join and made something useless. I only got through 3/4s of an inch before I caught it, but oh God it stings. Especially having had to frog a whole cowl 2 days ago because of EPIC gauge fail. At Megi's insistence, the forthcoming pattern for the Bump Bump A Dump cowl will feature helpful advice on how to make a big mess of crap. It'll be very LSG.

5 inches of this crap. I was going to devote tomorrow to explosive amounts of knitting, but I discovered 3 hideous bananas I bought a week ago. Oops. But, bananas are the one food that develop a new use when rotten: banana bread! And my recipe kicks ass. I might sneak in a few chocolate chips this time, too. And smushing the bananas is so damned satisfying.

I'm going to have to work on my crochet for serious now - TheYarnBearer sent me Creepy Cute Crochet through LSG RAK! I definitely need an E hook. Maybe I already have one. I have a partial set of plastic hooks. But I hate them. I have one metal one whose heft I adore. But there's no nearby crochet hook source now that Wal-Mart got rid of the craft section. Hmm. I should go somewhere. Somewhere that has supplies.


Less than a week!!!!

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