Monday, February 16, 2009


Went through one of the four balls of Cascade 220 I bought at The Knitting Experience 2 weeks ago - hooray for making progress. It'd be awesome if I could get at least 2 more used up before I go to Webs. I knew I didn't need to buy 5 projects' worth of stuff at TKE, knowing I'd be going to Webs, but I couldn't help it. Plus, I was there for an hour, I felt kind of an obligation to buy like whoa.

I'm using Lagoon in the 220 to make a Corona. It's free! I'm not having a hard time with so far. I was bummed when I realized that it's bottom-up instead of top-down, but apparently it's still seamless. Thank god, because sewing sleeves just leads to me ruining things. It's been a very pleasant knit.

I'm trying to think of a good pattern for my two long train rides coming up. I have 5 hours to figure out a way to kill. I think I might start some socks on Thursday night, to make sure my needles are right and I like the pattern, rather than try to figure it out on the train. I also want to have something to do at the LSG meetup, and I refuse to be making garter stitch blanket squares.

My third pattern is up, too. The Bump Bump A Dump Cowl. My friend Patience is already making it. I'm hoping it catches on like my scarf did. I'm thinking about a colorwork version of the scarf, although the back would look horrible. Hmm. Maybe that'll be my next design, maybe not. I like writing patterns up, though. I'm definitely going to be putting more out there.


Goes by the name of Anna said...

Yay for Corona! Normally I too am a totally slavish devotee of top-down raglans, but I found that this one didn't corrupt me too painfully by making me do things upside down!

I'm so going to make another one soon - I love the one I have.

Anonymous said...

what about a double knitting version?

why did i just sugest that? i hate double knitting