Sunday, February 01, 2009

Holy shit, I finally remembered how to log in.

That only took 2 or 3 months.

For some reason I was itching to start knitblogging again (we'll see how that goes in a week) and was all set to come up with a new blog name, but I finally remembered what e-mail account I had setup this one with. Thank god.

I donned my twatweasel shirt in celebration of LSG's anniversary today. It's one of those things that I need to find a way to explain to others - by which I mean "come up with a completely different explanation." Such as when my students asked about my pet frog, and his name. My frog's name is Murderface, because I'm amazing. He had red and black rocks, so I thought he was pretty goth, and I love Metalocalypse. This doesn't really work when working with mentally challenged 6th graders (did I mention one of them loves Gordon Ramsey? I'll have enough to contend with already, tyvm), so I pretended his name was Chub. Chub was my previous frog, named after the Chub Toad card in Magic: The Gathering, back when I was dating a loser who was obsessed with the game (and I was obsessed with being a good little woman).

I felted a bag today, and it only took one cycle, instead of the three my previous attempt took. My pillowcase is a very interesting color, but it was an extra one, which I'm now counting as a felting supply. I'll try to put up a pic later. I keep staring at it in all of it's shrunken glory. It's like magic.

Playing around with making a layout now.

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