Thursday, January 05, 2006

My first contribution to Year of the Sock

Long time no blog, huh? Trust me, I've been knitting, I've just been lazy about uploading. So, I've been wanting to do something more exciting with my socks than "use a different color yarn," so I tried my hand at Becka's Loopy Socks pattern on KP. I added some personal interpretation and made the leg shorter because I didn't imagine myself ever folding down socks when I could just make them shorter, and added two more rows of loop stitch in the middle and at the ankle. And yes, that's Knitty's how-to-graft site behind my sexy, sexy foot. I think I've finally got it, though. Click to maximize the hottness.

1 comment:

yarnahoy said...

Oy! I like that SOCK!