Thursday, October 20, 2005

Huge accomplishments

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So....I rule.

I've been prolific since my last post. The top is a lovely ladder yarn scarf done in Plymouth Eros, with a truly unGodly amount of fringe. I worked it in stockinette on size 8s, and it was more than a little painful at times. And slippery. But it's damn sexy and I actually had never done fringe before. Rock on. Oh, and that's our resident monkey, Stinky, modeling it.

Then, there's my funnel top, made with 3 yarns from Cascade 220 all held together. First time I've done that, too. And it's super-cute, too. I used the pattern in Hip To Knit.

Finally, wool mittens from Family Circle Easy Knitting. It was a good time, not cutting the yarn after every two rows. Definitely less of a pain, too. And, they fit much better than the yellow oven mitt(en)s.

So, the next project? A cabled hat on circular needles. Circular needles? Wrath of my existence. I kept screwing it up over and over and making twists and all of a sudden last night, they worked. And this weekend, I tried my first cable and got it. Woo hoo! I'll keep you posted.

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