Thursday, January 05, 2006

Trendsetter Yarns - Jupiter

Ever see a yarn and think, wow, that's beautiful, but a little rich for my blood and I have no idea what I'd ever do with it... and then the shop owner comes by, catches you admiring it, and lists all its wonderful qualities and then it simply must be yours? And then, you just leave it in the stash box and wonder what if anything you could do with it?

Of course you have, you're knitters.

Such was my issue with Jupiter. Oh, she was alluring, with her soft black yarn and what I finally decided look like the hair samples you see in the dye section of drugstores. So, I remember the man that worked in the store (nothing as refreshing as a knowledgable male YSO) telling me the display scarf was in box stitch, and I seemed to remember big needles. Thanks again to, I figured out box stitch, which sucks on too-big needles and black yarn in a dark house. Can you see it? No, not at all. But neither garter nor stockinette was giving me the look I wanted at all, and this worked out great. Fancy that. Click to... you know the drill.

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