Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Add one more to my contributions to Year of the Sock! The rainbow beauties are completed! They're quite the pair, and I love the way the Sockotta pooled. It looks like fruity pebbles. No need to add to my server space with a pic of the pair, though... Take the pic from January 5th and double it. I finished them a few days ago, after telling the new boyfriend to go do something boring so I'd have an excuse to knit :)

Current project is a lovely mid-calf sock with picot edging done in some KP Simple Stripes. I turned the heel last night and I'm on the foot, which, while monotonous, should be made quick work of. I'll post a pic when I don't ahve 46 yarn ends hanging out everywhere. You'll see why.

Speaking of ends, winding mohair just plain SUCKS. My hank is now 3 balls of varying size. Apparently I don't know my own strength when trying to yank it off the hank. But hey, I've got plans for a crazy hat with it. Top down, since I doubt I have enough to make a real awesome hat, with Berrocco Quest to pick up the slack at the bottom, making the most ostentatious brim ever. And giving me an excuse to destash some Quest. I'll even get to ENJOY gauging! I got my Boye Needlemaster in the mail 2 days ago, thanks to Joann's online coupons and I'm giddy with anticipation to use it. I'm glad I got that instead of the Denise set... I like the metal needles and the different colors, as well as the size range. It'll give me an excuse to try that 2 socks on circulars thing... As will my ball of Opal. I tried to resist, but I was bringing a friend to the store, and I had a $12 credit, and it's just so alluring. At least it's just one ball instead of 5. I'm learning self-control, really...

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