Monday, April 11, 2011

It's almost comical now.

This past weekend.
- I read 5 chapters of Research Methods in Social Work, and really, why even live
- I took an online exam from hell
- I wrote an entire paper in one shot
- I researched for two papers
- I planned for a group presentation

Today, I discovered the class that I did an exam for over the weekend also has another exam. This coming weekend.

Sometimes, things are just so awful they don't even bother you. So let's look at my coming weekend.
- More reading than I care to fathom (or probably do)
- Take another online exam, also from hell
- Make a cake for my grandmother and buy her a birthday present
- Spend Sunday afternoon/evening at said birthday party
- Finish writing those two papers

And next semester, it gets so much worse. I'll have three classes instead of two, plus my full time job, plus my internship 16 hours a week. 8 hours of which must be during the same hours I work. Mondays will be 14 hours long.

Remind again why I'm doing this?

Accordingly, the smoothie of the night:

half a banana
2 scoops thin mint ice cream
half bar german milk chocolate
big splash rice milk
splash whipped cream vodka
2 ice cubes


hate grad school so much less.


Bic said...

Clearly, the smoothie needs more vodka!

JP said...

I loved school except for all those test things...