Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One step closer to being a meth addict


I managed to magically acquire this ridiculous cold the second the Red Sox lost Game 3. It's like my immune system knew I no longer had to go to Boston the next day and totally crapped out. Over the past few days, I've fueled myself with Sudafed and Theraflu thin strips. I will not suffer congestion. No way. Not when I can sign my life and personal info away to get some tiny, birth control sized pills with just enough pseudoephedrine in them that I might be able to make a penny's worth of meth from one package (and 15 other ingredients). Not that I used to work in a pharmacy and I'm still bitter about all the time it took to sell PSE products or anything.

Fitting, there's an episode of King of the Hill on right now with characters making meth. Awesome.

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