Monday, October 19, 2009

I may be wearing a men's polo shirt.

Which wouldn't explain the fact that at 5'2" and 118 pounds, I still needed a large. Anyone know if that's the reason some Aeropostale shirts have a heart insignia and some say A87? I prefer the A87. I held larges up to each other in both styles and they seem to have the same shape. I could have probably done a medium but it didn't look quite right. Large looks a little big. I need a medium-large, honestly. Meanwhile, I have a polo shirt from the same store I bought a few years ago. It's an extra small. It fits fine. This is why women's clothing makes NO sense and you should never care about what size the label says.

Went to the mall with my mom today for some bonding. I bought a new zip-up hoodie - black and blue zebra stripe - and a new plaid flannel shirt, which isn't as ugly as it sounds - it's capped sleeves and very feminine. If anyone can rock it, I can. But now I'll have to get rid of more stuff. I have a thin sweatshirt this one can easily replace. At least I mentally surveyed my closet to decide if this would be useful to me. I decided yes, since it's heavier than the other jackets I put on when the house gets too cold, but not the oppressive heaviness of a full hooded sweatshirt. But I chose not to make certain purchases today (like shoes or towels) because I knew I already had plenty of other options already. So I did add a little stuff to my life, but I think the lifestyle switch was very apparent.

When I finish two bottles of body lotion, the next one I'd like to get is Bath and Body's new vanilla/pear lotion. I love vanilla smells. My family is notorious for buying out Bath and Body Works at Christmastime and giving each other lots of their stuff. I really try to not default to it for gift ideas every year because it just seems like I'm not putting any effort in anymore. My family tells me they always like to get it, but it just seems like I'm running on autopilot when I buy it. Much like how it's become expected that I buy certain gifts, because I always have. we get a little too wrapped up in "it's tradition!" and don't tend to think about if it's a tradition we really enjoy.

Baana scarf is HUGE and awesome. Well, huge in the sense that it feels big and unyieldy in my lap, but I don't think it's actually gotten too much larger since my last photograph. I'm only on my third row today, since I was out all day. I feel like I could call it good here, but I do have an awful lot of yarn left. Pus, i'd really hate for something to be less than perfect just because I was bored with it - the reason all my first scarves are a little too short. I can just as easily put it aside and start a new hat project if I'm really dying from an overabundance of linen stitch. But I think I'll power through. No reason not to - I'm not someone that does well with a lot of WIPs.

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