Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello, Big 6

Destash my life 10/18/09:
  • A jigsaw puzzle that as much as I'd like to, I am never going to finish, because even the pieces that are supposed to fit together don't fit together right
  • 3 large balls of scrap sock yarn - that's tough for me since there's enough to really do something with, but I'm bored with the colors
  • A DVD of 5 Family Guy episodes
  • 2 VHSes of Trading Spaces episodes I recorded when I was in love with Vern Yip
  • Finished a bag of Caesar salad mix
  • Finished a half gallon of apple cider
  • Threw away three jars of jam that had been around long enough to be questionable, or at least to be reasonably sure I'm never going to eat from them.
Home alone for a few hours today, and that always pushes my desire to clean. Today I was craving the scrap sock yarn bin, and then it occurred to me to check out the cabinet my TV is on. This means that with the exception of the puzzle, you can't see a difference thanks to my cleaning, since everything was already "out of sight, out of mind," but at least now I have a little more storage space for decent stuff.

I encountered more scrap cotton than I expected in the stash bin. I think if I get bored after the Baana scarf, I'll make another washcloth. I really enjoy my knitted ones. Garter stitch ridges are great exfoliators. (Exfoliaters? Neither seems right.) It's also been good to have an excuse to get rid of my old washcloths, which had been made with sparkly thread. I would never turn my nose up at anything sparkly, but time and Proactiv's "heal your skin by burning it off with acid" formula have worn down the soft towel part and left just a mess of painful, scratchy silver. Needless to say, dishcloth cotton is a vast improvement.


Trina said...

I'm really impressed by your destashing plan :) Do you have an end goal in mind, or just keep going until you've got rid of everything you can?

Jenna said...


There isn't really a specific end goal - I don't do well with those. It's more like a lifestyle change for me. It'd be ideal if I were to move out someday and require a few less boxes or trips, so in order to make that happen, I need to have less little stuff. It's a very slow process, and most days I feel like I'm not really achieving anything, but I'm not achieving anything by owning a jigsaw puzzle I'm not using, either, you know?