Sunday, January 06, 2008

Going back in time

I absolutely love how my Glitter Socks are turning out. One is done and the other has a close-to-complete leg. But it makes me think about some of the socks in my drawer that I don't wear. I used to make socks really badly. Too baggy in the leg and no shape to them at all. Most of this is the fault of how I used to make heels. I used to do just a short row heel, no flap, no gusset, so it barely looked like they had a heel at all. They just looked like sacks. I'd really like to just frog the life out of them and redo them. But I still have so much sock yarn for original socks. I don't know. They're not getting any use just being in my drawer, and adding some pieces and probably length (they always looked longer on the DPNS because a lot of the leg gets sucked into the heel) would also use some scraps. It might be my next Really Big Project. Last January, I had sort of an epiphany about how bad all my socks were, and thus, my "Stop Being So Lazy" socks. All the parts they should have, plus a cable pattern. Ever since, my socks have been beautiful and I've been more open to risks. There's more to life than 2x2 ribbing.

These are the socks that changed me so. Yes, the heel is weird because I wanted to try something new that gave them a weird nipple. And one leg is a bit bigger because apparently, I couldn't fudge my gauge as much as I thought. I love how the ribs make the legs look so skinny.

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