Monday, January 07, 2008

Glitter Socks (FO) & My So Called Scarf (WIP)

I finished my socks and even worked in the yarn ends tonight! I really thought this would be one to be finished in the morning. It let me cast on for my next project, My So Called Scarf, which I of course found on Ravelry. There was a video posted in the comments that made the difference between success and tossing the needles across the room for me. I'm just a little concerned, because instead doing it in the admittedly beautiful Manos, I'm using some stashed impulse yarn, Patons Rumor. It's a color called Moonstone Heather, which is a shiny rainbow spun with black. It's got alpaca in it and looks great. I'm just afraid it's too busy to let you really appreciate the stitch work. So maybe I'll just have to make another one of these scarves later.... I really want to make this and also really want to use the stash yarn, so I think I'll just hope it shows up better, or let the detail be special to me, not the not-so-close world.

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