Thursday, May 06, 2010

Holy shit, that's orange!

(picture forthcoming)

Pattern: It started as a Drops pattern, but that pattern was written so strangely that it became, as all my Wollmeise does, a stockinette Akimbo. Then, I did a picot bind off.
Yarn: Wollmeise in Sonne
Needles: Size 3
Completed: Sometime around the end of March or beginning of April 2010.

Oh dear God I got bored with this. I enjoyed working on a massive swath of orange, but there's just so much stockinette that one can do before brain rot sets in. I also had plans on doing a picot bind off to simulate the sewn-on crochet edging (fuck no) of the original pattern. The first picot went awry and came out like a tiny yarn dick. I'm okay with that. I was happy to do that. Of course, the rest came out like picots, aside from one in the middle, so I'm not too sure what went wrong there.

Ah, but nothing went quite as wrong as my blocking experience. I don't have blocking mats, so I block my stuff over a piece of foam core. This usually works, if you aren't a moron. The board isn't as big as some of my pieces, so I have to block part of them on the other side at the same time. This is fine for rectangular scarves, and if I go over the flat side. It is not fine if you pull your scarf over the actual corner of the board, thus blocking a giant scarf nipple into it. At some point I'll take care of that. For now, I'll just enjoy OMG BLINDING everyone at work. They get a kick out of my style. At this point, it's become a challenge to see how glowing I can be.

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choperena said...

I have two skeins of WM sitting there, waiting for a project (bright lemon yellow and terracotta). The third one is a pair of skews that are both back up to the heel, so maybe I might even be able to wear them this year! It's been quite nice knitting with WM, though sometimes it is splitty and annoying, and I can't wait to see how it wears. I really hope it's as Faerie Pube nice as everybody makes it out to be! And I totally get you on the stockinette -_-;;