Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bianca's Baby Hat

(picture forthcoming)

Pattern: My own creation, estimating from some basic baby hat measurements, making the slip stitch pattern up as I went along
Yarn: Sadnes Garn Mandarin Petit in purple and white
Needles: Size 1 for the hat, size 3 for the ties
Completed: Officially May 6, 2010, but the ties were finished a week before that and the main hat weeks before. I just kind of got lazy for a bit.

I made this hat for my boss, who was due last Saturday. She's still working, and unless things get moving tonight, I might be able to give it to her tomorrow, after weeks of forgetting to actually finish the damn thing. Not that it was on a deadline or anything... And the less I had to do on it, the more I procrastinated on it. I also came up with brilliant plans like "I'll just sew the straps on at work," as if I wouldn't be busy... working. Well, at a large portion of my jobs, I wouldn't be, but that's beside the point.

This hat also used up the purple cotton from my stash. I knit it from the top down, magic loop style on my Addi Turbos. I hope it fits an actual baby. There's really no guarantee.

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