Thursday, August 06, 2009

Doubleknitting = magic, roughly

I started a new project last week, after I totally gave up on the Clapotis. The end datefor the KAL was announced and I didn't think I was going to make it. I'm also not happy with what may end up being the finished length of it, since I'm out of yarn and it's one of a kind. And it's not like it's some etsy seller I can convo to get them to make me something similar, it's Fleece Artist. So, I'm boned. I've got half a Clap. Maybe I can swap it to someone for their kid, or something. I mean, swap it to someone that would give it to their kid, not get a kid in trade. That would be a pretty bad swap. Anyways, the new scarf is Vice Versa, by Lauren Aylor, the woman who designed the Lizard Ridge blanket. It's pretty simple, but I wanted a pattern since I had never done the technique before and tend to be pretty skittish about learning new things. It was pretty easy to get started, though. I even taught my best friend to do it, and she did a few rows on my scarf. They came out so well I can't even tell which ones are hers and which are mine.

Sarayu bought yarn so I could make her socks. I suppose that should be the next thing on my list, but I do really want to focus on the Cumberland Fair. That's in mid-September, so I'd love to devote this month to grinding out stuff for the fair. I know I've made a million things since the last one, but I'd love to do some pretty complex socks so I feel confident about my entry in that category. I'd also like to do some baby items just so I can expand into more categories this year. It's not like it'd take me terribly long to make a baby hat. I'd just donate it to charity after, since I don't know anyone with a baby.

I made brownies today. They had chunks of Andes mints and Oreos in them, after I watched Rachael Ray this morning and she did the same thing. So good. Granted, each bite probably puts four pounds on me. But damn if they weren't fun to make. I had my cutting board out to cut up all the mix ins. It was like my old personal Coldstone Creamery.

I also did a bunch of job stuff today. I asked for reccomendations, applied for jobs, did paperwork for unemployment, updated the resume, made phone calls. You know, all that stuff I should be doing. I just haven't felt too inspired since I was pretty sure about the fall, but now I'm seeing that the job is no longer posted, so they've probably had a big response. You can never be too safe, so I might as well expand my search base. So I might be doing my job in a new town, or I might be doing something entirely different. It'll be okay.

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