Sunday, July 19, 2009

I need somewhere to write down ideas. Oh look, a blog.

Don't mind me, I have sock ideas. I just need to vocalize them. In a non-vocal way. And then maybe remember them. Or even pursue them.

I think I might do Broadripple again with the Poems yarn. I have no idea what to do for the modular knit socks but I know that pattern is very much stuck in my head right now. I think it might be good with a solid and a variegated, or at least a semi solid and a variegated. I'm not ballsy enough to attempt two variegateds, since all mine have a thousand or so colors in them. I wish the pattern gave an approximate yardage for each color. It looks like it has stash-busting opportunities, but I'd be afraid of running out. So, like everything else, it'll inevitably be a stash-creating opportunity. Maybe I could work from both ends of the Ty Dy Socks rainbow yarn. Assuming I can actually get to the middle end. YARN IS HARD.

I have too much guilt to actually start socks while this stupid Clap is still on the needles. Not enough guilt to do more than 4 rows a day, of course. It's not like it's even hard. I just lose interest, and then I also know I am so not going to have enough yarn and I do not want to spend $25 for more, not in the least. Not to mention, every time I measure it, it gets short. Seriously. This is why I do not sew clothing, just curtains. I've had urges to sew lately, too. It's just that the only things I might sew are things I would get even less use out of than my 35th pair of socks.

I get to work next week! I ran into someone that needs a sub for this week at summer school. Apparently you can just tell central office that someone is subbing for you and that's good enough. Works for me. So I get 24 hours. I know Summer pay is higher in other districts. I doubt that's the case in Yarmouth, though. That would be way too awesome. It'll also get me introduced to the students I'll be teaching next year if all goes well. Sent the application in as soon as I saw the posting on Thursday. And if nothing else, I'll be a sub. I guess it's not the loftiest aspiration, but I like the randomness of it. Half of my life is just for the purpose of having stories. You'd think I would have had a more exciting life then.

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