Monday, May 18, 2009

I have a lot of yarn.

My stashing is getting sort of ridiculous. I was on a "no yarn until my birthday" kick, then I got invited for a yarn crawl with two women I knit with. I initially declined but realised what an idiot I was being. I ended up buying 10 hanks of alpaca yarn to make a Dulce Du Leche. Which I haven't started yet. Then we went to another store, where I bought some yarn for 2 pairs of socks and a Clapotis (I KNOW. I'M SORRY.) ... which I haven't started yet. Later, I was out with my grandmother and got lost and somehow ended up at a yarn store I've never been to before. I bought 3 hanks of Kollage corn yarn, for either socks or a hat, which I haven't started yet. I also bought a hank of Maine-made sock yarn. Which.... well, guess.

Then my LYS had a sale after I had an EPICALLY HORRIBLE week and the day before my birthday, and I got invited to go there with friends, which was just part of my incredible pre-birthday extravaganza. I ended up with a bunch of yarn, which I haven't started yet, but I bought it 3 days ago so that's excusable.

Of course, I'm also going on a road trip on Sunday to two new yarn stores. I swear, I have some sort of knitting mental illness. But at least when I go shopping with these two women, I don't end up spending a fourth of what one of them does. And she can't even knit with wool, so her selections are limited.

I have a ballwinder now! And a swift! It was the 10 hanks of alpaca and silk that finally broke me. And since KP has the cheap ballwinder and I've heard good things about it, I was finally comfortable putting one on a birthday list. Oh God, I wound one hank already and it's taking all I have not to wind up every bit of yarn I have.

I'm working on a scarf made with mitred squares of sock yarn scraps. I was tempted by the ubiquitous sock yarn blanket, but have no need for blankets, so I figured out that I'd make it into a scarf. I've got 24 squares done already. Not sure how many I'll need, but I think I'll put it aside for a bit so that I can make more socks and have new colors of scrap yarn to add to it.

This post would be way more interesting if I could find the mini USB for my camera and put up pics of all my awesome new yarns. I'm also thinking of buying a Flickr pro account so I can do more with the account and see all my photos that I've uploaded, but I don't even use my free one to its full potential, so I should really work on doing tags and a few sets and comments and descriptions before I shell out $25.

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